It all started in 1913 with a man named Albert E. LePage. A Canadian. Albert LePage revolutionized the real estate industry in this country by being the first agent in Toronto to turn buying and selling homes into an accessible and professional enterprise. He actively sought clients through follow-up inquiries, took buyers from house to house by car and used descriptive ads in newspapers – all industry standards today. He was also instrumental in establishing the Toronto Real Estate Board which helped raise the standards of the industry. By the time he retired in 1953, Mr. LePage had moved the company beyond the residential market and into home building, the subdivisions and sale of estates.

Albert E. LePage began with a vision of what a company with his name on the door (and the words “For Sale” on a sign) should represent:

  • Impeccable professionalism
  • Principled conduct
  • The highest moral and ethical standards

Meanwhile, L.T. (Timothy) Melton came to Edmonton from Winnipeg in 1918 with his young bride Doreen. He learned the real estate business in the offices of Allan, Killam, McKay and Greene from 1918 to 1922. In 1923 he opened the Stanley Investment Company, named after his young son. In 1932 the company’s name changed to L.T. Melton Realty. By 1953 there were 16 Melton branch offices in Edmonton. Melton believed:

  • That anything to be truly good must be good for all concerned
  • That you must first give to receive
  • That the golden rule, “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done Unto Your Self” is the key to success
  • That growth is one of the positive proofs of the rendering of a useful and worthwhile service
  • That growth is not possible without rendering complete satisfaction to our clients
  • That we cannot render complete satisfaction unless we have happy and satisfied people working with us

Today, more than 99 years later, these principles still guide us in everything we do.


  • 1957 – President Gordon Gray orchestrates one of the most complex real estate deals to date, assembling land for the construction of the $125 million Toronto Dominion Centre. Buoyed by its success, A.E. LePage expands strongly into commercial real estate (operating today as Cushman & Wakefield LePage)
  • 1964 – A.E. LePage offers a new service to help companies across Canada with employee relocations. (The service now operates under Brookfield Global Relocation Services)
  • The 1970s – A.E. LePage becomes a national real estate company, acquiring smaller companies across Canada and adding new services. It launches its first national advertising program, the Carriage Trade luxury properties program, the Town and Country Catalogue, and the quarterly Survey of Canadian House Prices. In 1976, Melton Real Estate’s Brokerage division including the services of over 500 sales and support staff were sold to A.E. LePage Real Estate of Toronto
  • Acquisition of 20% of Coldwell Banker
  • 1984 – A.E. LePage merges with the real estate arm of Royal Trust to form Royal LePage, making it the largest real estate brokerage company in the country
  • 1987 – Royal LePage becomes a publicly traded company with the majority owner, Trilon Financial Corporation, holding 54% of the stock
  • 1994 – Royal LePage offers a franchise system, and rapidly grows its network by attracting leading independent brokerages and those from competing brands, including Johnston & Daniel.
  • 1995 – Royal LePage launches, “Canada’s Real Estate Portal,” which is one of the most popular Canadian real estate sites
  • 1997 – Royal LePage further expands its network across Canada by acquiring Realty World Services, a national network of over 2,500 agents and REALTORS ®
  • 1998 – Royal LePage launches the Shelter Foundation, providing financial support to local shelters and supporting education on violence prevention
  • 1999 – Royal LePage becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Brascan Corporation
  • In 1999, after 29 years in the above organizations, Ken Shearer created Royal LePage Noralta to serve the Edmonton & surrounding area markets
  • 2013 - Royal LePage Westgate Agents move to Royal LePage Noralta Real Estate in a friendly merger, adding a 5th office to the Brokerage allowing us to actively practice in Spruce Grove and Stony Plain
  • 2014 - Ken Shearer sells Royal LePage Noralta Real Estate to Tom Shearer. 

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