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(NC) If you’re looking to bring a sense of ease and calm to your space, turn to the great outdoors for inspiration. Here, Sharon Grech, Benjamin Moore colour and design expert, shares how to bring the best of the outdoors in with inspiring design.  

Embrace imperfection.  

Taking inspiration from nature gives us permission to be comfortable with the imperfections in our homes. “Give any room a natural and relaxed feel by choosing textiles like linen that look their most inviting when creased,” suggests Grech.  

Other ways you can embrace imperfection include creating a simple mantle decoration with a piece of driftwood, or filling vases with collected pebbles and a single candle. Celebrating the imperfect in your space will instantly create a

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When it comes to design and decorating, there are countless ways to add character to a space… an oversized mirror, an accent chair, or a unique light fixture. But few things can make as impactful a change as a fresh coat of paint. The colour of a room has the power to influence our mood and the emotions we feel when we’re in it.

Much like fashion, paint colours come in and out of style. Each year, colour experts set the trend for the hottest colours of the season. Across the board, the colours of 2021 are meant to evoke feelings of calm, comfort, serenity and an attachment to the natural world; quite fitting in these times of a seemingly endless pandemic.

Here are the 2021 colours of the year, according to some of the top paint companies in North

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If you are looking to open up a small space to give it a feel that is bigger than it’s footprint, these tested tips are for you. They work in any room and within any budget.

  • Use light colours on the walls to create a sense of openness and space. White is an excellent choice but you won’t sacrifice much of the illusion by selecting a light colour, if that is your preference. Conversely, dark or heavily saturated colours close in a room, giving it a smaller, cozy feel.Create the illusion of more space with a mirror or two. Adding a large mirror, whether it is floor to ceiling or a framed piece over a couch or table, is highly effective.
  • Swap out curtains for hidden blinds and say good-bye to your rug. Elements that break up the space will make
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