REALTOR of the Month : Nicole Cooper

Posted by Jennifer Anderson on Sunday, December 1st, 2019 at 3:45pm


  Q & A With Nicole Cooper



Hi Nicole, Thank you for taking the time to sit with me and answer some questions.

You are mother of two boys, aged 6 and 7. You work full time and are very active in your community. How do you balance your work life with your home life?

Nicole: Sometimes I barely manage (laughs). I have a weekly schedule defining my work time, family commitments and community involvement. I start my day one hour earlier than last year to ensure that I had time to drink and enjoy my coffee, and to give gratitude and organize family unit for the day ahead.

What made you decide to become a real estate agent?

Nicole: Real estate is deeply rooted in me. My mother was a real estate agent for 20 years in Thunder Bay, Ontario. She loved her job, and she instilled in her kids a passion to work hard and to always celebrate successes. I saw firsthand the life she was able to live. She was always present; she never missed a school function, volleyball game or hockey game. She was always able to create a schedule that put our family first, while building a thriving business at the same time. She always hoped that I would become realtor and followed in her footsteps. It wasn’t until I had some life experiences of my own that I changed my career to become a real estate agent.

How long have you been in real estate?

Nicole: 9 years.

What tips would give a young parent starting a career in real estate?

Nicole: To be adaptable. Sometimes business or parenthood isn’t aligned with reality. Also, you have to find joy and satisfaction in however the picture changes.

Do you plan your week, month, or year?

Nicole: Week.

Where were you born?

Nicole: I was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario. I moved to Edmonton in 2006, the day the Oilers lost game 7 of the Stanley cup playoffs.

If you could choose to be anyone, who would it be and why?

Nicole: Gwen Stefani. She’s really cool, humble; she has 5 kids and is killing it in her career.  She showed me that you can have it all—both success in work and as a mom. Lack of musical talent aside, who wouldn’t want to be a rock star?

What is your happy place? Where do you go when you need to relax?

Nicole: A ski hill in the mountains with my family: my sisters, brother law and our kids.

What paint colour should I never use if I want to resell my home?

Nicole: Anything overstated, like red or yellow. I once showed a very dated but nicely designed house and my clients called it the “ketchup and mustard” house.  Also, don’t paint your baseboards black! Keep it simple. Dark has the least buyer appeal.

Are you a night owl or early bird?

Nicole: I’m normally a night owl, but in past three years I’ve evolved into a morning person.

On days that that the phone ringing off the hook, you have deals on the go, the kids need to go to practice and you have to make dinner—what are the Coopers having?

Nicole: Lasagna from Costco or chicken in the Instapot.

Do you prefer an Old Victorian home or a modern home?

Nicole: I would say modern, but I am drawn to traditional floor plans with modern updating.


What is your favorite thing about a home?

Nicole: The way makes people feel. Every home I have ever sold, the buyer walked four steps in the door and that was it.

What show are you currently watching?

Nicole: Sports. If you walk into my house on any given day, there will either be CMT or sports on.

Aside from the necessities, what is one thing you could not live with you use everyday?

Nicole: Google Maps!  I like to know where the photo radars are, what the fastest route is…I even use it to come to the office every day.

What do you do for R&R?

Nicole: One hour of karate three nights a week is my “me” time. And for one game each week, you can also find me on my couch cheering on the Edmonton Oilers.

What is your favorite thing about being a realtor in Edmonton?

Nicole: I have lots favorite things. No two days are ever the same. I am a professional problem solver, and there is always a challenge up ahead to navigate. I love and appreciate the people I have met, and all of my experiences in real estate. While I do have to make some sacrifices, like working evenings and weekends, the benefits outweigh them. I get to make it to every field trip.

Do you have any family traditions you do during the holidays?

Nicole: My kids and I take oatmeal and colored sprinkles, and we spread them on the driveway with carrots and water bowls for the reindeer. I didn’t realize I was starting a tradition at first, but my kids love it and look forward to putting out the reindeer food each year.  

What is your favourite family tradition that you do during the holidays?

Nicole: My favorite holiday tradition is making the holiday hampers for the JCI. We get assigned a random family, and they give us a list with their ages, genders and the food they need. The kids and I all go shopping together for the entire dinner—everything from cranberry sauce, tin foil, cookies, and canned meat for dinners over the holidays. The best part comes on delivery day. We go to northlands to pick up a turkey and deliver it straight to the family we shopped for. It’s really good to have my children see how the world is and how fortunate they are.

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