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After years of taking care of your home, some minor home improvements or maybe even a major renovation, you are ready to sell. But the trouble is, you think your home is worth more than what the experts are saying. 

According to valuation company RPS Real Property Solutions, 26% of homeowners overestimate the value of their home by more than 10% of the appraised value.

It is understandable whether you are watching the home prices go up in your neighbourhood, you want to get the most for your largest asset or you are simply experiencing the “Endowment Effect” (an emotional bias toward an object you own), many homeowners think their house is worth more than it is.

Why is the appraised value lower than expected?

Many of us see the sentimental

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While the housing affordability crisis is top of mind for many Canadians trying to get into the market, the chronic housing shortage that is the source of the problem, has been challenging many urban centres from coast-to-coast for years. 

Canada’s housing affordability crisis affects almost everyone, directly or indirectly. There are positive social and health benefits when housing insecurity is reduced. And, when housing becomes unaffordable for even the middle class, it can be the source of social unrest. Furthermore, the impact of the housing affordability crisis on the economy is significant. For example, the Toronto Board of Trade and WoodGreen Community Services recently found that the city’s housing shortage costs the economy and employers

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Canada’s housing market is facing an affordability crisis affecting everyone from new Canadians, to young professionals with large student loans, to first-time buyers struggling to get on the ladder. But of those young Canadians fortunate enough to enter the housing market, whether on their own or with financial help from parents or relatives, a significant number of them have decided to invest in multiple properties, likely hoping to take advantage of growth potential in the country’s housing market. 

“Young buyers are looking to capitalize on the real estate market by investing in a property that will appreciate over time,” said Karen Millar, sales representative, Royal LePage Signature Realty. “I have many younger clients who have purchased

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In a hot seller’s market with low inventory and house prices rising in many regions in Canada, many homebuyers are paying over the asking price. 

For example, a Bank of Canada report in April notes that roughly two-thirds of homes in the Greater Toronto Area were selling for more than the listing price in February of this year.

Whether these buyers found the perfect home and are willing to pay the elevated price, they believe the home is undervalued, or they just want to buy now before prices rise further, homebuyers need to consider the impact this will have on them if they are financing the purchase.

How does paying over asking impact financing?

Homebuyers that pay over asking may find it difficult to secure the full amount of the

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Your home is your sanctuary; a safe and calm-inducing place you can retreat to at the end of the day. Did you know that our physical environment can affect our mental state? A cluttered countertop can make us feel uneasy and a collection of mismatched shoes at the entrance can change our mood when we walk in the door.

That’s why, in order to have a clear mind, we must start with a clear space. Here are eight ways to improve the organization of your place and create proper flow throughout your home, free of physical (and mental) barriers.

  1. Out of sight, out of mind… Declutter countertops in your kitchen and bathroom. Keep everyday items neatly stored in organizing containers behind closed doors or in drawers and fight the urge to place
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Canada’s home price appreciation rate peaked early in the second quarter but home prices are still expected to rise at a more modest pace for the remainder of the year, according to the Royal LePage House Price Survey. The survey, which includes resale and new build, found that the aggregate price of a home in Canada rose 25.3% in the quarter compared to the same period last year, with 89% of the regions seeing year-over-year double-digit price growth. While most of Canada was in a seller’s market, not all housing types witnessed the same heightened competition. The median price of a condominium rose a strong, but significantly lower, 11.7% year-over-year to $525,000, compared to the median price of a single-family detached home, which increased 27.1%

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Doug (Doc) Donnelly was born in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, raised in Ottawa, and has lived in the Edmonton area since 1997.  Married to his lovely wife Melinda for over 35 years, they have one son, Adam, daughter-in-law Melanie and a wonderful granddaughter named Keira.

 After serving 22½ years of Loyalty, Honesty and Integrity in the military, for which he has received numerous medals, Doug (Doc) Donnelly decided to turn a new page in his life by joining the Royal LePage Noralta Real Estate team in January of 2003.  With over 65 years of combined family experience (all with Royal LePage) dealing in real estate, his family’s dedication and loyalty speaks for itself.  He promises to bring these family traits to you when dealing with your home.

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Air conditioning is a great choice to cool down your home. However, there are many AC-free, effective tips to cool down your home that even those with air conditioning should consider. If you are trying to beat the heat, these tips can make a big difference.

  • Make sure your ceiling fan is set to the correct setting for summer. Did you know that your ceiling fan has multiple settings? Most people don’t and changing it to the correct setting is a game changer. A fan moving counterclockwise will push air down and make you feel cool. In the winter, change it back to clockwise and run on low, which will gently recirculate heat.   
  • Close your windows. If the outside temperature is hotter than the inside temperature, don’t let that warm air in.
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Ritu Bagga graduated from the Guru Nanak Dev University in India with a Master of Arts in English.  After school she worked at the Royal Bank, gaining experience in customer service.  She started in Real Estate in 2006 and has been with Royal LePage Noralta since then.

Since joining the Brokerage, Ritu has achieved many awards, including Diamond Award 2012-2020, Award of Excellence 2015-2020, and the Lifetime Award of Excellence in 2020.  She is also consistently in the monthly Top Producer Achievement for Royal LePage Noralta.

Ritu enjoys time with her husband Rohit, who helps her in her career and to whom she has been married since 1999.  Together, their greatest achievement has been their 2 children, Shikha and Aryan.

You can reach Ritu at

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When it comes to design and decorating, there are countless ways to add character to a space… an oversized mirror, an accent chair, or a unique light fixture. But few things can make as impactful a change as a fresh coat of paint. The colour of a room has the power to influence our mood and the emotions we feel when we’re in it.

Much like fashion, paint colours come in and out of style. Each year, colour experts set the trend for the hottest colours of the season. Across the board, the colours of 2021 are meant to evoke feelings of calm, comfort, serenity and an attachment to the natural world; quite fitting in these times of a seemingly endless pandemic.

Here are the 2021 colours of the year, according to some of the top paint companies in North

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