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Despite a return to international travel, demand remains strong in many recreational regions across the country

Strong demand for cottages, and properties in close proximity to lakes and mountains, continues to outpace supply in recreational regions across Canada. According to the Royal LePage 2022 Spring Recreational Property Report, the aggregate price of a single-family home in Canada’s recreational market is forecast to increase by 13% in 2022, to $640,710. This is following a 26.6% year-over-year increase in prices last year. 

Even taking into account reduced pandemic-related restrictions, including a return to international travel, and the potential for a series of interest rate hikes over the course of the next two years, experts in

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The air is warmer, the days are getting longer, and after an exceptionally snowy winter, the grass is starting to reveal itself. Spring is upon us, which means all that snow is going to melt. Be sure to take these important steps to protect your home and prevent major water damage during the thaw.

  • Clear away any snow and ice from your home’s foundation, including window wells, to avoid leaks and possibly flooding as it melts.
  • Take a closer look. Seal and repair any cracks in your walls, foundation and around windows, to ensure moisture does not penetrate the building. If you discover a leak, even a small one, consider contacting a professional. Water damage can escalate quickly and repairs are costly. 
  • Clear out built-up ice and debris
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Spring is just around the corner. And, after two long years of pandemic-related lockdowns, there’s never been a better time to brighten up your home with a fresh coat of paint. We’ve got all the latest colour trends covered.

This year, some paint experts are recommending deep and eccentric colours to help breathe new life into the place that has substituted your office, classroom, gym and entertainment space for the last 24 months. Others are taking a softer approach, with palettes of earth tones and colours inspired by nature. 

Here are the 2022 colours of the year, according to some of the top paint companies in North America:

Pantone’s colour of the year is the bold and deep Very Peri (PANTONE 17-3938). After many months in isolation,

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Of all the rooms in your home, the kitchen might be the most daunting one to pack up. When it’s time to move, follow these four important steps to make packing your kitchen easy and stress-free!

  1. Get organized. Before you start packing mugs and bowls into boxes, take inventory of each cupboard and drawer in your kitchen. Use this opportunity to purge or donate any items you do not intend to take with you. Next, gather all the packing materials you will need, including packing paper or bubble wrap, strong tape, boxes in various sizes, and a marker.
  2. Set aside your essentials. You can’t leave everything to the last minute, so you’ll want to pack up the vast majority of your kitchen ahead of time and leave out only a few essential items to be used
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A laundry room – if you are fortunate enough to have a designated room – is one of the most underrated and important spaces in any home. Your guests may not see it and it might not be a deal-breaker for potential buyers in the future, but you are likely to spend several hours (at least…) each week in the laundry room. That means, while it doesn’t have to be fancy, it does need to be functional, clean and easy to navigate. 

Here are some tips to help make your laundry room easier and more enjoyable to use:

  • Make sure your appliances are the right size and in the correct location for your space. The layout of your laundry room will revolve around the washer and dryer, so consider carefully where and how you place these machines. Of course, the
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Here’s what you can do now to prepare yourself.

Are you in the market for a new home? Before you start attending showings, there are several things you can do to prepare yourself and your family for one of the largest purchases you will ever make. With housing stock at historic lows and tight competition among buyers, you may be able to give yourself a competitive advantage by being prepared. 

Make sure you have the right professionals on your side. Follow this list of tips to help you be as successful as possible when shopping for your new home.

  1. Create a wishlist. List and rank all of the things you are looking for in a home. Consider things like the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and parking spaces you need; whether you want a home on one
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Omicron variant emergence may extend period of unusually strong real estate markets

  •          The GTA is the only region where condominium price appreciation is forecast to outpace that of detached homes; prices expected to rise 12.0% year-over-year in 2022
  •          Greater regions of Toronto and Vancouver forecast to see highest aggregate price appreciation at 11.0% and 10.5%, respectively
  •          Detached home prices in Halifax expected to rise 10.5%, followed by the Greater Montreal Area and Ottawa (9.0%)

Housing markets are expected to be unusually active through the winter season

Following more than a year of record price appreciation across the country, Canadian home values are expected to rise strongly again in 2022,

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Royal LePage Noralta is always looking for ways to give back to our community -and when our Fort Saskatchewan agents said they wanted to go big with their Gingerbread House giveaway, we were all on board! 

On November 26th, our agents gave away over 200 gingerbread house kits to the attendees of the Fort Saskatchewan Santa Claus Parade. But, it doesn't stop there -the best part is decorating the gingerbread houses! And we have a mission (and prizes!) for you and your family to show us your awesome ginger bread design skills!


Once you're home, crack open that Gingerbread House Kit and get building!! Show off your creativity with your Gingerbread House, and share the photo on Facebook/Instagram using the hashtag

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Winters in Canada can be cold and dark, and just like us, our delicate plants – indoor and outdoor plants alike – need some special attention this time of year. So, show your plants a little TLC this winter by giving them a warm, dry place to wait out the cold weather until spring. 

Follow this list of helpful tips to keep your plants happy and healthy through the winter months.

  • Keep it bright. Expose your plants to as much sunlight as possible by keeping them by a window. Remember, days are shorter in winter so they need all the natural light they can get. If you see your plants struggling, you may need to move them to maximize exposure.
  • Keep them warm. Avoid cold and drafty areas of the house where your plants risk getting frostbite. If
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(NC) Getting a restful night’s sleep isn’t just important to our energy, it plays a key role in our overall well-being. To help you create a bedroom that encourages you to rest and relax, Sharon Grech, Benjamin Moore colour and design expert, shares her top tips for a serene space. 

Make space for sweet dreams.  

If your goal is a tranquil bedroom, decluttering is a good place to start. “It’s easier to feel calm and relaxed when your space is free from clutter,” says Grech. To help store your favourite items, consider adding smart storage solutions into your space. “Bed frames with storage drawers and even using a chest of drawers as a nightstand are clever ways to add concealed storage to your bedroom.” Once you’ve tucked away all the items you

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